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A Message from the President

As the chief executive of our medical university in Poznan, I welcome your interest in our English teaching programs. Our University was the first which introduced such programs in Poland.

We offer an English language instruction in several medical fields. First of all, our M.D. programs (4 year and 6 year programs). These programs were established because the English language became the primary language for our foreign students.

I am happy to state that we are successful in attracting applicants from many countries, especially from the United States and Canada. Our students who have graduated from those programs are getting M.D. degrees and some of them are pursuing higher Ph.D. diplomas.

Our University is not only a teaching institution, but is as well, a leading European research center. In addition, we provide regular and specialized Health Care to over 2500 patients at a time at our University clinics.

In addition to basic Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical degrees, we offer Ph.D. programs in Basic Sciences and Clinical specializations. Our Ph.D. recipients include people with international recognition.

We also have a 5 year Dental program and now are in the process of building a new world class dental clinic. We are starting as well, a six year Pharmacy program in English.

Our programs are being recognized by the United States and Canada as having accreditation which is equivalent to American and Canadian medical Education. Our American, Canadian and Scandanavian students are approved for financial aid by their respective governments.

Our Medical school is run by the State of Poland and its history goes back to medieval ages.

I can reassure you that our Institution will offer you a chance to get the best possible medical education in central Europe and therefore, I welcome you to seek inquiries about our programs and to visit our Institution and to apply to be our students.

With Best Regards,
Prof. Dr. Jacek Wysocki