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Welcome to PUMS

Dear Prospective Students,

Anybody looking for quality Educational programs in Europe will find our school as an institution ranked at the top of medical schools involved in teaching and research.

Our faculty members have academic degrees which, besides diplomas in their fields, have what could be equivalent to the American Ph.D.

Our physical accommodations can compete with most of the European medical schools and with many American medical schools. In addition, we have over twenty five hundred beds in our hospitals and clinics. Our dental school is finishing a new facility which will be equipped with the most modern teaching and research facilities. Our students can pursue not only Medical or Dental degrees, but can do research and qualify for Ph.D. degrees

The students have a choice of living accommodations at the University or private apartments. Our dorms are newly built and equipped with single room suites with telephone and internet connections.

The city of Poznan is centrally located with an International flavor. There you can find opera, theaters and a variety of international eateries. Public transportation is such that no one really needs a car. Buses, tramways and railroads are readily available.

If you decide to apply to our university, and if you are accepted, I can assure you from my personal experiences that you will not suffer “cultural shock”. The same convictions as mine were shared by two groups of pre-med advisors who have visited our institution.

Our offices in New York are experienced in helping students in processing their applications and obtaining financial aid from the Department of Education or from the Canadian provinces.

In conclusion, do not hesitate to call us or email us your questions and we will be more than willing to answer them as completely and honestly as we can.

Professor Stan Wiktor